Whatever Happened to ‘Sisterhood’?

2014 has been a great year for feminism in advancing discourses about the movement. One the major rallying cries was that of the #HeForShe campaign inviting men to join the movement and make gender inequality an issue for all genders. This has been a cause for marked advancement for inclusivity and solidarity in the movement and everyone should welcome it.

However, while we are advancing thinking for the movement, I don’t know why we are blind to all the in-fighting between all the stakeholders of the movement.  Women in power often do not shed their internal sexism and cling to it, not encouraging intergenerational feminism. Competitiveness among women continues to whither self-confidence.

I think it’s genuinely important that we hold each other up. As people who believe in each other and in the power for women to affect social change. In between advancing discourses, shouldn’t we go back and reaffirm one of the core practices of Feminism- Sisterhood. It can still be powerful. It is.

I think we take a million steps back every time we compete with other women to be the more powerful one or to be the more desirable one. I think we all need to stop and just hold each other up. Feminism is probably the only movement for social justice that is essentially about love. Let’s not forget that this year.